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MJ in Rule of Law for Development

The Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) in Rule of Law for Development is a 30 academic credit hours degree program, which comprises ten taught courses and a major rule of law capstone project. The MJ curriculum includes a specially tailored course on basic introduction to law and legal methods, which provides the background necessary for success in the other courses. Students complete all courses at Loyola’s John Felice Rome Center in Italy from September to April and then complete their capstone project by 30 June each year from their home countries, through online communication with the project advisor.

Fall Semester*

  • Legal Systems and Methods (3 credits)
  • History, Theory and Practice of Law for Development (3 credits)
  • Comparative and Ethical Lawyering for the Rule of Law (3 credits)
  • Theory and Practice of Assessments in Rule of Law Advising (3 credits)
  • Research and Writing on the Rule of Law (3 credits)‚Äč

Spring Semester*

  • International Development Architecture (3 credits)
  • Advising for Economic, Social and Institutional Reform (2 credits)
  • Design of Rule of Law Programs and Proposal Preparation (3 credits)
  • Rule of Law Project Management (2 credits)
  • Rule of Law in Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding (2 credits)

Summer Semester*

  • Rule of Law Capstone Project (3 credits)

For a full list of course descriptions please click here.

The curriculum is supported by the PROLAW Visiting Lecturer Series with prominent rule of law professionals. Details on the Series can be found here.