Loyola University Chicago

Office of the President


Campus Safety Independent Review Task Force Update

In March 2018, President Rooney announced that an external investigation, guided by an appointed task force of internal Loyola community members and external higher education leaders, would examine the incident that occurred outside Gentile Arena on February 24, 2018.

The University contracted with an experienced and respected firm, Hillard Heintze, to carry out an independent investigation and produce a report of its findings. The task force was charged with overseeing the investigation, reviewing the report and developing a series of recommendations to be sent directly to the President. Those recommendations, generated by the task force, along with the report, have been received and are currently being reviewed by the President and university leadership. 

The link provided below is to the full report from the Hillard Heintze investigation. The names of all but two students, who are currently involved in a public lawsuit, have been redacted in the interest of privacy. The names of the two men scalping tickets were also redacted.

Once the recommendations have been reviewed and an implementation plan developed, we will share them with the Loyola University Community. Some task force members feel it should be noted that the period when students were being invited to interview with investigators coincided with the last week of classes, exam week and graduations. This may have had an impact on student willingness to participate.

We deeply appreciate the contributions of everyone involved in the investigation, report review and development of the recommendations.  Our goal remains focused on building a campus of inclusion, safety, and diversity. These actions represent the first of what we believe will be many steps we undertake to create an inclusive community that reflects our Jesuit ideals of justice, diversity and civil discourse.

You may read the report here: www.luc.edu/HHreport