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President's Office


Public Affairs

Contact Information

Lake Shore Campus
6439 N. Sheridan Rd.
Granada Center, 220
Chicago, IL  60626
Phone:  773-508-7450
Fax:  773-508-7449

Water Tower Campus
111 E. Pearson
Lewis Towers, 1408
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone:  773-508-7450
Fax:  773-508-7449

Mission Statement

We prepare people to lead extraordinary lives by building positive relationships and goodwill on behalf of Loyola University Chicago among government, community, and other public constituencies.  We seek to fulfill this mission, as well as the mission, vision and promise of Loyola University Chicago by:

  • Identifying, cultivating, and tracking Loyola alumni/ae in the public sector, as well as other elected and appointed officials, community leaders, and other key individuals who may – presently or in the future – be in a position to assist or aid the University.

  • Being a conduit between internal and public sector constituencies, helping both groups to secure resources and solve problems.

  • Facilitating the University’s agenda by a thorough knowledge of the landscape in government and community arenas at both Lakeside Campuses, helping to steer that agenda through those arenas with a maximum of goodwill and a minimum of resistance and undue controversy.

  • Working directly with Loyola’s students whenever possible, recognizing that as an administrative support unit our mission is derived from the needs of our students.

  • Providing public sector internship and related opportunities for students, and by connecting students with the relationships we cultivate.

  • Expecting the best of ourselves, our colleagues, our external relationships, and our students.
Department Members

Philip D. Hale
Vice President for Government Affairs

Summur Roberts
Director of Community Relations


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