Loyola University Chicago

Pre-Law Advising

Division of Student Academic Services

Staff Directory

MacKenzie O’Connor

Title/s: Career Peer

Office #: Sullivan 255

Phone: 773.508.7716

E-mail: careercenter@luc.edu


 Tell us about yourself:

I am a Sophomore from the South Side of Chicago, originally. I am pursuing a degree in Social Work as well as a minor in Urban Studies. I love the outdoors, dogs, and reading in my free time.


Why did you apply to be a Career Peer?

I applied to be a Career Peer because I think the skills I will learn here I can eventually take into my professional career. I enjoy working with the student population in a setting that provides them with a service or, in other words, where I can make their hectic student lives less stressful.


What do you like most about working with students?

I think my favorite thing about working with students is actually getting to talk to them and learn new things about them. Even if we only meet once, it is refreshing to have a nice experience meeting new people each day – and even providing them with a good experience to carry with them for the rest of the day. I think it is not only a learning experience to work with students, its also rewarding.


Career Tip:

Effort is everything. Being talented is great, but if you have no drive you won’t succeed.