Loyola University Chicago

Pre-Law Advising

Division of Student Academic Services

Staff Directory

Diana Greis

Title/s: Career Peer

Office #: Sullivan 255

Phone: 773.508.7716

E-mail: careercenter@luc.edu


Tell us about yourself

I am a senior from Dayton, Ohio studying Creative Advertising with minors in Global and International Studies and Spanish. I have a passion for all things film, from classic horror movies to Disney classics, and enjoy cooking and trying new Chicago restaurants in my free time.

Why did you apply to be a Career Peer?

I did a similar program in high school, helping freshman students get acquainted with activities and classes, and enjoyed being a mentor to someone going through the same experiences I recently had. Being a career peer allows me to do the same but one step further: specifically learning that persons strengths and weaknesses to help them in their future.

What do you like most about working with students?

Being not only an advisor but a peer to students is the best combination for me. I’m able to relate with students and learn with them about creating a successful future but also helping them, with my own skills, get to that point.

Career Tip:

Be passionate about any experience-big or small-that you are a part of and make your quirky, resourceful, creative, hardworking, or any defining characteristic of yourself known throughout your work.