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Polish Student Alliance


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For more information about the club or to join the mailing list, please email us at psaloyola@yahoo.com or find us on Facebook.

Contact Yvette Dybas for other PSA internet sites or any questions concerning PSA information at ydybas@luc.edu

PSA Board 2017-2018

President Yvette Dybas


Vice-President Natalie Kacik nkacik@luc.edu
Secretary Julia Stys jstys1@luc.edu
Public Relations Ania Jakubczak ajakubczak@luc.edu
Events Coordinator Maya Hufman mhufman@luc.edu
Events Coordinator Nicole Tyszkowska ntyszkowski@luc.edu
Photographer Weronika Hanusiak whanusiak@luc.edu
Philanthropy Chair Michelle Hajduk mhajduk1@luc.edu
Tech Chair Simon Jakubczak sjakubczak@luc.edu

PSA Board 2016-2017

President Aneta Borowicz


Vice-President Daniel Rogalski drogalski@luc.edu
Secretary Yvette Dybas ydybas@luc.edu
Treasurer Marcelina Baliczek mbaliczek@luc.edu
Public Relations Julia Stys jstys1@luc.edu
Public Relations Olga Kimszal okimszal@luc.edu
Events Coordinator Artur Moskala amoskala@luc.edu
Events Coordinator Nicole Tyszkowska ntyszkowski@luc.edu
Photographer Ania Jakubczak ajakubczak@luc.edu
Membership Chair Thomas Ujas tujas@luc.edu
Philanthropy Chair Nathalia Kacik nkacik@luc.edu
Development Chair Alex Mackiewicz amackiewicz@luc.edu

 Fall 2016 

October 5 5:00pm General Body Meeting & PASA Bal Ticket Sales Cuneo 109
October 6 8:00pm PSLA Meeting Trojcowa
October 15 TBA Barn Dance University of Illinois - Chicago
October 19 TBA Paczki Sale Damen Student Center
October 22 TBA Pierogi Party TBA
October 30 TBA Hot Chocolate Run TBA
October 31 4:00-6:00pm Dziady Reading and Polish Dinner Special Guest: Consul General RP Honorable Piotr Janice Piper Hall
November 2 5:00pm General Body Meeting TBA
November 4 TBA PASA Masquerade Bal TBA
November 5 TBA Taste of the World TBA
November 9 TBA Paczki Sale Damen Student Center
November 11 TBA DUPC Swieto Niepodleglosci Party TBA
November 18 TBA Andrzejki Night TBA
December 3 TBA Copernicus Center Conference Copernicus Center
December 7 TBA General Body Meeting TBA

Spring 2016 

March 3 9:00am-2:00pm Paczki Sale Damen Student Center
February 20 TBA Pierogi Party TBA
February 17 5:00pm PSA Meeting Cuneo Hall Room #109
February 11 11:00am-3:00pm Study Abroad Fair Damen Multipurpose Room
February 4 6:30pm Ice Skating Maggie Daley Park
February 3 10:00am-2:00pm Paczki Sale Damen Student Center
January 27 5:00pm PSA Meeting Cudahy Hall Room #207
January 26 3:00-6:00pm Student Organization Fair Halas Courts

PSA Board 2015-2016

President Nicole Jarzabek 


Vice-President Piot Karpierz pkarpierz@luc.edu
Secretary Daniel Rogalski drogalski@luc.edu
Treasurer Thomas Ujas tujas@luc.edu
Public Relations Yvette Dybas ydybas@luc.edu
Events Coordinator Aneta Borowicz aborowicz@lu.edu
Photographer Ania Jakubczak ajakubczak@luc.edu
Honorary Board Member Daniel Strama dstrama@luc.edu


Fall 2015







Andrzejki Night


October TBA PSA Meeting TBA
September 29 5:00pm Paczki Sale Damen Student Center

September 29


Paczki Sale

Damen Student Center

September 9 5:30pm Welcome Meeting Cuneo Room #109
August 26 3:00-5:00pm Student Organization Fair Gentile Arena

 To view September's Newsletter: PSA Newsletter Sept. 2014

PSA Board 2014-2015

President Jessica Wieckowski jwieckowski@luc.edu
Vice-President Kasia Skrzypinska cskrzypinski@luc.edu
Secretary Piotr Karpierz pkarpierz@luc.edu
Treasurer Cyryl Jakubik cjakubik@luc.edu
Public Relations Nicole Jarzabek njarzabek@luc.edu
Events Coordinator Piotr Halon phalon@luc.edu
Photographer Marcin Zelek mzelek@luc.edu

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