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David B. Ingram


Philosophy Department
Loyola University Chicago
1032 W. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60660

Contact Information:
Office: Crown Center, 3rd floor
Lake Shore Campus
Phone: 773.508.2299
Fax: 773.508.2292
E-mail: dingram@luc.edu
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David Ingram is Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University. His M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in philosophy are from the University of California at San Diego. He has taught at Loyola since 1987, before which time he taught at the University of Northern Iowa.

Ingram's areas of specialization are social and political philosophy, philosophy of law, philosophy of social science, critical race theory, and contemporary German and French philosophy. His publications include Habermas and the Dialectic of Reason (1987), Critical Theory and Philosophy (1990), a companion anthology Critical Theory: The Essential Readings (1991), Reason, History, and Politics (1995), Group Rights: Reconciling Equality and Difference (2000), an anthology The Political: Readings in Continental Philosophy (2001), The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ethics, co-author Jennifer Parks (2002; 2nd Revised Edition, 2010), Rights, Democracy, and Fulfillment in the Era of Identity Politics: Principled Compromises in a Compromised World (2004), Habermas: Introduction and Analysis (2010), Law: Key Concepts in Philosophy (2006), and (editor) Critical Theory to Structuralism: Philosophy, Politics and the Human Sciences: Volume Five of the History of Continental Philosophy (Acumen, 2010), as well as numerous scholarly articles. For further information and a list of his publications, see Professor Ingram's personal web page.


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