Loyola University Chicago

Office of Research Services


Fringe Benefits Change for FY 17

(May 12, 2016)-Sponsored Program Accounting (SPA) has just announced that fringe benefit rates will be changing as of July 1, 2016. Fringe benefit rates are to be applied to the salary amount for the employee(s) listed in the grant budget. Note that post-doc fringe benefit rates are the same as for faculty. Fringe benefit rates are established each year in negotiations with the university’s cognizant federal agency, Department of Health and Human Services. The new rates are listed below:


                                                            FY16                       FY17

Full-Time Faculty                                24.8                        28.3

Full-Time Staff                                     27.4                        30.2

Part-Time Faculty & Staff                    7.6                          7.8

Graduate Students                             46.6                        46.7

  • Tuition                                                  39.2                        35.2
  • Health Insurance                                     7.4                        11.5