Loyola University Chicago

Office for International Programs

February 2015


Major: International Business

Home Country: South Korea

Why do you like living in the International House?

I like living here because I get to meet other people from different countries like Brazil, China, and Japan. I like the lounge a lot because I can hang out with my friends here and play video games and cook food.

Why did you choose to come to Chicago?

I chose Chicago because it is famous for being a big city. I wanted to come to America and I wanted to come join the Chicago Center program because of the trips and meeting new friends.

Have you traveled anywhere around the US?

I went to Washington DC and LA with the Chicago Center and I went to New York City with other Korean students. It was great!

Where do you around Chicago for fun?

I like to hang out downtown and go shopping or walking. My favorite place is Michigan Avenue to do shopping!

What will you miss most when you leave the international house?

I will miss my friends. We all live far away so it will be difficult to see them so I will miss them.