Loyola University Chicago

Office for International Programs

December 2015


Home Country: China

Major: English Literature

Why did you choose to come to Loyola?

It’s a wonderful coincidence! Jason came to my university and gave a wonderful presentation on the Chicago Center and we learned a lot about the program. So I chose to join the program and Chicago is the third largest city in America, so I thought it would be good to come here. I didn’t know what Loyola would be like but it turned out to be very good! I really like Loyola and my life here.

Where do you go in Chicago for fun?

I really enjoy sitting by Lake Michigan. It’s very beautiful. In October, it was still warm so I sat  by the lake often. I also like to go to Chinatown to taste the different Chinese foods. I also like a lot of the parks around Chicago. Once I walked from Loyola to downtown. It took me three hours! But it was fun and very beautiful.

What have you enjoyed so far about living in the International House?

I really like the community kitchen. I’m not too fond of the American food so when I miss the Chinese food, I like that I can cook in the kitchen with my friends. I’ve also improved a lot in my cooking because back in China I don’t have to cook a lot. The environment is also very good! The International House hosts activities every month like the Cooking Festival and Pumpkin Carving party. I really enjoy this a lot!

What will you miss most about the International House/Loyola/Chicago?

I will really miss the staff here because you guys are really helpful to us and make our lives easier here. And I will also miss my roommate! He is a good guy and is very nice. Before I came to the U.S., he wrote me an email to welcome me and told me about Chicago.