Loyola University Chicago

Office for International Programs

August 2016


Home Country: Spain

Major: Translation and Interpreting of Languages

Why did you choose to attend Loyola?

Because of my major and because I love traveling and meeting new people. Also Chicago is a great city. I saw this scholarship and that I had the possibility to come and I said, why not?

What has been your favorite event at the International House?

You know, living in a dorm is funny per se. But the International House inspires happiness everywhere and that’s cool, particularly in summer. I enjoyed the most the fact of meeting new cultures (such as Japanese and Chinese) because they are really different to us, Europeans.

Where do you go in Chicago for fun?

I really like shopping so I usually go to Downtown, to Water Tower.

Have you traveled anywhere else in the US? Where was your favorite?

Yes, I was in Michigan and also in Milwaukee. I was in New York last year as well but this was not part of the program. They organize really well the trips. I enjoyed the most the Summerfest of Milwaukee!

What will you miss most about the I-House?

  • The peace and quiet
  • To have only one course
  • The fact that you do not stop moving