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Off-Campus Student Life

Division of Student Development

Off-Campus Policies

Good Neighbor Policy

Loyola students are expected to conduct themselves as mature and responsible neighbors. As such, students are responsible for upholding all federal, state and city laws and ordinances where they reside, especially those relating to noise, traffic, littering, parking, zoning, and alcohol and drug use.  Students are expected to foster an atmosphere in their local communities that nurtures positive educational pursuits, understanding and celebration of diversity, and an environment that encourages responsible behavior in the community.

Students who cause disturbance in the University’s neighboring communities by irresponsible or unreasonably noisy social hosting, disruptive or unruly behavior, damage to property, or other violation of local laws or ordinances are in violation of this policy.  Students who reside at or are listed on a lease for a property where a violation of this policy takes place may be found in violation of this whether or not they were present for or contributed to the offense.

As stated in the Loyola University Chicag Community Standards, an infraction of this policy is a Category B violation. Typical sanctions for a first offense include: $150 fine per student involved and/or an educational experience or project. Typical sanctions for a second offense include: $300 fine, a more extensive educational experience or project and University Probation.

The Residency Requirement


Local Off-Campus Address

Loyola University Chicago requires all non-residential students to update their "Local Off-Campus" address in LOCUS by the first day of each term. This information helps the University to respond in the event of an emergency. It also aids the University in addressing complaints regarding off-campus residences. Failure to provide the University with a valid local address may be processed as a violation of University policy. Providing false or inaccurate information may also be processed as a violation of University policy. Address updates must be completed in the LOCUS system.