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Infection Prevention

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The Population-Based Infection Control and Environmental Safety specialty track prepares professional nurses for practice in an advanced practice role to meet the challenges of health care and community associated infections, emerging diseases, environmental hazards and bioterrorism. Our rapidly evolving health care system demands that professional nurses concerned about patient safety and health care associated infections go beyond an individual or hospital focus. Prevention, early detection, surveillance and treatment modalities must be designed, implemented and evaluated at the system level. Today's health care system calls for nurses to be community and population-focused; capable of recognizing and managing emerging infections; and able to deal effectively with environmental hazards and threats of bioterrorism.

Graduates of the Infection Prevention track are well positioned for roles that require collaboration among disciplines, critical analysis of systems and outcomes, and the creation of key improvements in health care delivery.


Graduates will have the knowledge and skills to take the examination to be certified in infection control (CIC) offered by the Association of Professionals in Infection Control.


The Infection Prevention specialty track consists of 41 hours of study offered in an online format.  Clinical placements for students in this program can be arranged near where students live or work.  Students communicate directly with their Program Director to arrange clinical placements*.  For more information, please see the Infection Prevention program plan (linked above).

*Due to the nature of our clinical affiliation agreement, students cannot participate in clinical rotations at military service based facilities and in the state of Colorado.

Clinical Experience Requirement

2,000 hours of recent clinical nursing experience is required prior to beginning the first practicum in the nursing track to which you are applying. 


The US Department of Education requires any institution offering distance education/online programs to students outside of its home state to acquire authorization from the states in which students reside. Regulations vary from state to state. While Loyola University Chicago is authorized, exempt or pursuing authorization in most states, some restrictions apply. Please see our State Authorization page for the most up-to-date information.

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