Loyola University Chicago

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

CMAN: Community, Mental Health and Administrative Nursing

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Graduate-Level Courses

CMAN 410:  Epidemiology

CMAN 411:  Host Defense for Infection Prevention

CMAN 412:  Methods for Infection Prevention

CMAN 415:  APN Practicum: Infection Prevention

CMAN 416:  Epidemiology for Infection Prevention

CMAN 417:  APN Practicum: Health System Management

CMAN 434:  Health Program Planning and Evaluation

CMAN 435:  Health Policy and Healthcare Delivery

CMAN 436:  Advanced Practice Concepts in Community Health 

CMAN 439:  Outcomes Performance Management: Theory

CMAN 440:  Outcomes Performance Management: Methods

CMAN 468:  Advanced Concepts in Health Systems Management

CMAN 488:  Healthcare Systems Analysis and Design

CMAN 489:  Knowledge Representation and Vocabularies

CMAN 490:  Decision Support in Health Care

CMAN 533:  Fiscal Management in Health Care Organizations

CMAN 568:  Management of Professionals in Health Care Organizations

CMAN 569:  Comparative Effective Research in Healthcare