Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Instrument Rental

The University maintains a limited supply of larger wind, string, and percussion instruments. These instruments are made available for a fee of $40 per semester; however, demand often outpaces the supply of these instruments. To rent an instrument, please read over our policies (Musical Instrument Rental‌) and (Large Instrument Storage‌) and after doing so, fill out a request form. Jeffery Hart will reach out to you to confirm its availability and let you know how to proceed.

For a complete list of instruments available, see below:

  • Nine acoustic guitars, three guitar amps, one bass amp
  • One piccolo
  • One alto flute
  • One English horn
  • Two bassoons
  • One E-flat clarinet
  • Two A clarinets
  • Two bass clarinets
  • One E-flat contra-alto clarinet
  • One soprano sax
  • Two tenor saxes
  • One bari sax
  • Five flugelhorns
  • One horn (with B-flat trigger)
  • One tenor trombone (with F trigger)
  • One bass trombone (with F trigger)
  • Three euphoniums
  • Three tubas
  • Two cellos
  • One string bass (with electric pickup)

At the end of each semester, all rented instruments must be returned to the DFPA. Please visit the Mundelein Info Desk to return your instrument.

Students who are not able to use school instruments should consider renting or purchasing an instrument outside of Loyola. When renting one of Loyola's instruments, be aware that students in other ensembles may be sharing that same instrument; the school does not provide mouthpieces, caps, ligatures, reeds, or neck straps. These are available at area stores or by mail order. Currently, Loyola works with a representative from Quinlan & Fabish music who visits campus periodically to pick up/drop off instruments for repair. For more information, visit www.qandf.com.