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Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Financial Aid & Scholarships

DFPA Instrumental Music Ensemble Scholarships

  • These awards provide annual financial assistance to talented students who play in Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra or Wind Ensemble.
  • Eligibility: Must be enrolled in one or more of the ensembles listed for fall and spring semester, be a member in good standing, and maintain full-time student status at Loyola University Chicago. Any scholarship awards are based on the assumption that the money being given is not in conflict with any other grants or scholarships from other sources. 
  • Amount: $750 - 1000
  • Requirements: Successful audition. You do not need to be a music major/minor to receive this scholarship. 
    • For All Ensembles: Winds/Brass/Percussion: Chromatic scale, ascending/descending, full instrument range or at least 2 octaves as well as one other major scale of choice. Strings: 3-octave scales of choice. 
    • For Orchestra & Wind Ensemble (strings, winds, brass, and percussion): Two short, contrasting (lyrical/technical) pieces or excerpts, no more than 4-5 minutes total. 
    • For Jazz Ensemble: Prepare a jazz etude or a selection of big band music. Contact Scott Burns at sburns5@luc.edu for more info. Optional: improvise over F or B-flat blues.
  • Applications and Auditions: Application is by audition and is open to all instruments. Special consideration will be given to students who enroll in two or more ensembles, as well as those who play oboe, bassoon, horn, string bass, saxophone, and drum set. Click here  for the audition date and to sign up for a time slot.
  • Terms of Renewal: Maintenance of full-time student status with minimum G.P.A. of 3.0.

For more information, please contact Director of Ensembles Dr. Frederick Lowe at flowe@luc.edu.

The Walter Zanozik Scholarship

  • This award is available annually to provide financial assistance to talented performance students who are Music majors at Loyola University Chicago.
  • Eligibility: Must maintain full-time student status at Loyola University Chicago with minimum G.P.A. of 3.0. Must demonstrate financial need or qualification for need.
  • Requirements: Must be declared as a Music major and demonstrate vocal, guitar, keyboard, or accompaniment talent.
  • Applications and Auditions: No application or audition. Recipient is announced before June 1st of each year.
  • Monetary Value: Up to $2,000; determined by the number and quality of applications.

To help make college affordable, Loyola offers a number of scholarships and assistance in applying for financial aid. We highly encourage our students to check out Loyola scholarship opportunities as well as outside scholarship sites. Loyola also offers resources for navigating grantsstudent loans, and tuition & fees.