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  • Social Justice Blog: This page details many of the academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular opportunities available to members of the Loyola community in the pursuit of justice. It also houses a blog with student voices, and shares news of justice work already happening at Loyola.
  • Just Readings: Social Justice Reader : This reader, edited by Michael Maher and Daniel Hartnett, S.J., is a compilation of ideas central to Ignatian Pedagogy and ways that social justice can be incorporated into diverse classrooms, as well as foundational readings into social justice.
  • Justice Report: A report from 2012 that contemplates critically the ways that Loyola remains to be committed to social justice.
  • Transformative Education in the Jesuit Tradition: A document that reflects on Loyola's Jesuit Catholic identity and the implications these traditions have on our way of proceeding.
  • Interfaith Collaboration Statement: Loyola, a Catholic, Jesuit institution, promotes interfaith collaboration to learn from one another, identify shared values, and act upon those values to advance the common good. Learn more about this commitment through this detailed collaborative statement.
  • Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy: The Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy encourages excellence in teaching by facilitating the role of faculty in the formation of the student as a whole person.  The Center promotes the implementation of creative teaching strategies that reflect the intellectual, social and spiritual context of today's students.
  • Hank Center for Catholic Intellectual Heritage: The Center is a venue for faculty, students, and staff to learn about, and investigate, Roman Catholic thought and its links to all academic disciplines. With its strong emphasis on scholarly research and discussion, CCIH is a productive space where the fruits of that research can be engaged, debated, and shared.
  • Campus Ministry: Campus Ministry welcomes all students, faculty and staff to the Loyola community. As part of a Jesuit, Catholic University  Campus Ministry values faith and spirituality as essential components of education. Students are invited to celebrate their faith and discover its depth and richness by connecting with others, engaging in service opportunities and growing in spirituality.