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Martyrs Award

This year, Loyola presented its Martyrs Award to the Quinn Community Center. Working in Maywood and Broadview, Illinois, the center offers community and education programs for all ages. The award, now in its third year, honors the slain Salvadoran martyrs and their commitment to service and social justice.

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Each year the Martyrs Award commemorates a worthy faith-based organization or individual and is given annually in November in conjunction with Ignatian Heritage Month. The award is made in honor of the UCA Martyrs in EL Salvador and in support of the University's commitment to social justice and includes a monetary prize.

Loyola honors the Salvadoran Martyrs because in their lives and deaths, they exemplify the Jesuit and Catholic ideals and values that we seek to emulate such as solidarity with the poor, working for social justice, and courageously witnessing to the truth. In the University's desire to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the Jesuit educators of El Salvador, the University established the Martyrs Award.  The annual Martyrs Award will honor a worthy faith-based organization or individual with a monetary prize in commemoration of the UCA Martyrs and in support of the University's commitment to advancing social justice.

An inspiration for this award came from an address given by Ignacio Ellacuria, S.J., one of the UCA martyrs, when in 1982 at Santa Clara University, he reflected on the role of the Catholic University: "The university must carry out this general commitment with the means uniquely at its disposal: we as an intellectual community must analyze causes; use imagination and creativity together to discover the remedies to our problems; communicate to our constituencies a consciousness that inspires the freedom of self-determination; education professionals with a conscience, who will be the immediate instruments of such a transformation; and constantly hone an educational institution that is both academically excellent and ethically oriented."

Faith-based individuals or organizations who, through their scholarship or work, assist Loyola and the world to:
- identify and analyze the causes of social injustice
- discover and/or implement remedies to social injustice.
- inspire a consciousness of awareness and sensitivity to social injustice.
- promote the freedom and self-determination of the oppressed and marginalized.
- educate professionals with a conscience and commitment to a life of service to the marginalized.
- find insight, hope, inspiration, and purpose from faith commitments.

Recipients of the Martyrs Award will be chosen through an internal nomination process at Loyola. An award committee will review any organizations or individuals who are nominated for their faith-based, social justice work. The committee will recommend finalists to the Office of the President.  The President’s office will then confirm a winner.

Martyrs Award Celebration

Thursday, November 16

Health Sciences Campus

Panel and Award Presentation

4 p.m.  •  Cuneo Center 360

Memorial Mass

5:15 p.m.  •  Cuneo Center Atrium

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Lake Shore Campus departs at 2 p.m.

Water Tower Campus departs at 2:30 p.m.

To reserve a seat, please e-mail Chris Murphy at cmurph3@LUC.edu.
Return shuttles will depart the Health Sciences Campus at 7 p.m.