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McNair Scholars Program

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Faculty Mentors

Role of McNair Faculty Mentor

Faculty Research Mentors will undertake the following 9 activities in support of McNair Scholars:

  1. Serving as research mentors and thereby encouraging the Scholars to become doctoral students;
  2. Committing to regular advising that will include help with all aspects of the research project before, during, and after the Summer Research Internship;
  3. Offering technical assistance on how to effectively function as a researcher;
  4. Monitoring the academic and research skills of Scholars, communicating their assessments to the McNair staff, and assisting Scholars in addressing any shortcomings;
  5. Assisting with the development of research reports, conferences, and poster sessions;
  6. Leading McNair Scholar Seminars;
  7. Assisting in and advising on the identification of graduate schools and the preparation of materials for those applications, including writing letters of recommendation;
  8. Agreeing to be ―shadowed in their work by Scholars;
  9. Supporting Scholars in networking with other researchers.

Role of McNair Faculty Mentor in Scholars’ Research Activities

Each McNair Scholar will choose a Loyola full-time faculty member who will serve as a Faculty Research Mentor, providing individualized attention throughout every aspect of the student’s research activities, and more general academic and career mentoring. Scholars will choose a Research Mentor based on their research interests, the faculty member’s research projects, and/or other exposure such as taking a class from the faculty mentor, recommendations from other faculty, students, McNair staff, etc. Once a student and Faculty Research Mentor have agreed to work together, they will formalize an agreement on developing a proposal for the Scholar’s research and expectations for schedules and tasks to be undertaken.

Time Commitment of McNair Faculty Mentor

Faculty Research Mentors will need to have a strong desire to collaborate with students generally, and an interest in helping those from disadvantaged backgrounds; having sufficient time to collaborate with Scholars and being willing to commit time to that collaborative work; being interested in involving Scholars in their research projects; and having the interest in serving as a mentor to students and assisting them in acquiring high quality research skills.

McNair Faculty Mentors commit to:

  1. Provide academic advising 2-3 times per term during the advisee’s two years in the program,
  2. Supervise an intensive summer research experience,
  3. Regularly meet with their mentored Scholar throughout all phases of the research experience, including write-up and presentation of results, and
  4. Lead at least one McNair seminar session per year.

Summer Research Internship Commitment

  • Attend the McNair Summer Orientation on June 1;
  • Available to supervise and meet with the McNair Scholar during the Summer Research Internship: June 1 – August 1;
  • Submit progress reports to the McNair Scholars Program;
  • Meet with the McNair Director to review McNair Scholar progress; minimum two meetings;
  • Sign off on McNair Scholar research paper based on Summer Research Internship, published in the Loyola McNair Scholars Journal, “Pathways”; paper due October; publication by December.

McNair Faculty Mentor Benefits

  • Service to Loyola University Chicago;
  • Year 1: Faculty stipend and Laboratory and Research support;
  • Year 2: Conference travel with McNair Scholar.