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Calculus Applets for Calc I and II

For Calculus I (131 or 161) tools click here.

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Placement in Calculus and Non-Calculus Courses

Any questions about placement in calculus or other 100- and 200-level courses which remain after reading this page should be directed to Dr. Adam Spiegler, Elementary Program Director.


Should you choose Math 161-162 or Math 131-132?

Math 161-162 (Calculus I, Calculus II) is a traditional calculus course covering all the basic topics of one-variable calculus. This sequence is a prerequisite for Multivariable Calculus (Math 263) as well as for almost all higher-level math courses. It is required for all students majoring in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Chemistry. It is highly recommended, although not required, for students majoring in Economics, Computer Science and Biology.

Math 131-132 (Applied Calculus I, Applied Calculus II) is more of a survey course covering many of the basic topics in one-variable calculus as well as some topics in multivariable calculus and differential equations. It is a terminal course in that it does not satisfy the prerequisites of upper-level mathematics and statistics courses. Students who enjoyed mathematics in high school and earned ACT math scores of 28 and higher or SAT math scores of 610 and higher are encouraged to choose the Math 161-162 sequence.


If you had NO calculus in high school:

Register for Math 131 or 161, our beginning calculus course. Math 161 is required for Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, and Chemistry majors.  Math 118 or placement by examination is required.

Math 201 (number theory) and Math 212 (linear algebra) are the first non calculus math courses which may be taken concurrently and are prerequisites to all higher mathematics courses. Math 212 is required by majors in mathematics, as well as many science and economics majors.


If you have had UP TO ONE YEAR of calculus in high school:

Questions about your placement should be directed to the undergraduate program director, Dr. Alan Saleski. Please e-mail him to set up an appointment.



Advanced Placement:

For information about advanced placement in Calculus or Statistics click on this link.