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Mathematics and Statistics

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Balderama, Earvin

Title/s: Assistant Professor

Office #: BVM 413

Phone: 773.508.3580

E-mail: ebalderama@luc.edu

External Webpage: http://webpages.math.luc.edu/~ebalderama/


Dr. Balderama received his Ph.D. in Statistics from UCLA, studying space-time models of earthquakes and invasive species with Dr. Schoenberg. Before joining the awesome Department of Mathematics & Statistics at Loyola University Chicago, Dr. Balderama first traveled across the country for postdoctoral study with Dr. Gardner and Dr. Reich in the Department of Forestry & Environmental Resources at NC State University. His current research involves statistical methods and applications in the ecological, biological, and environmental sciences, including work with the Marine-life Data Analysis Team (MDAT) on the mapping of sea bird distributions along the Atlantic coast, a project supported by a grant from the Northeast Regional Ocean Council (NROC).

Research Interests

Spatial Statistics, Bayesian Methods, Point Processes, Extreme Value Analysis, Sports Statistics