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MHIRT Programs

MHIRT Programs

As comprehensive global experiences MHIRT programs offer everything an undergraduate needs to conduct research at a foreign site over the summer. Every MHIRT program is hosted by a different institution and the foreign sites available vary from institution to institution. MHIRT programs cover 6 continents with programs offering research in countries ranging from Peru and China to Ghana and Tanzania. Students are given a foreign mentor at the beginning of the program and no previous research experience is necessary in the field of study. MHIRT programs cover a wide range of health topics so be sure to check each site individually to see the subject of research being offered. Students are expected to write a final report and funding is often available for international presentations. Students are paid a stipend in addition to having all expenses (flight to and from foreign site and room and board) covered.



Harvard School of Public Health MIRT Program

University of Alabama School of Public Health MHIRT Program

Christian Brothers University MHIRT Program

California State University Fullerton MHIRT

Hampton University MHIRT Program

University of California Irvine

San Diego State University

University of Virginia