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Research Opportunities extend far beyond Loyola and even America. Combining research with abroad opportunities allows students to expand their horizons both academically and culturally through the development of analytical skills in a foreign environment. Loyola supports students each year through various LUROP fellowships to conduct research abroad during the academic year. While only one LUROP program is specifically tailored to doing research internationally, students like Matthew Ruggirello (pictured above) have used funding from other fellowships to conduct their research abroad. Furthermore, external programs such as SIT and MHIRT programs provide opportunities in the summer for students to work and even be paid to conduct research at an international site. Below are links to Loyola and external offices and programs which provide undergraduates resources and positions in international research.

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    MHIRT Programs

    Minority Health International Training (MHIRT) Programs are NIH funded summer programs for undergraduate students to experience research in an international setting, that emphasize health and minority populations. Programs are generally 10-12 weeks in length and students are paid in addition to having all expenses (flight to and from foreign site and room and board) covered. Click here for a more detailed description and a list of MHIRT programs.