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Post-Baccalaureate Opportunities

Research can lead students many places after college, to a job doing research in a lab, to work applying research in the field, to further collaboration with a community partner, or simply to a career through which students apply skills learned through research.  Some students also choose to build on their research experience by applying to graduate school, where research becomes a central part of their work.  There are many different types of graduate and professional schools, and you should be sure to talk with your professors, advisors, and others before making such a big commitment.  If you are interested in pursuing further research in the field or in graduate school, you should consider applying for additional fellowships and using resources to help you find the graduate program that best matches your experience, interest, and goals.

Organized by the Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR), the Registry of Undergraduate Researchers serves two purposes.  First, it offers graduate schools an opportunity to search a database of undergraduate researchers they may contact to apply for their graduate programs.  Second, it offers undergraduate researchers a chance to hear from interested graduate programs.  Think of it as a sort of graduate school matchmaking tool.  Students with research experience enter their information in their junior and senior years, and graduate programs may contact them.

For more information, and to register, visit their website here.

The Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award provides recent college graduates who are planning to apply to graduate or professional (medical/dental/pharmacy) school an opportunity to spend one or two years performing full-time research at the National Institutes of Health.  This is a prestigious award, and the experience should help prepare you for graduate school.  Those who apply are paid a stipend, and are expected to apply for graduate programs during their tenure in the program.  You are encouraged to apply three to six months before you plan to begin your training.  For seniors who wish to begin the experience soon after graduation, this means you should apply in early January.