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Gifts of Art

The Museum’s collections have benefitted greatly from the generous gift of art by its supporters. Among these is Mr. James Govan, who has begun the incremental transfer of his 500-piece contemporary crèche collection with the initial gift of 50 works. Other recent gifts to both the Martin D’Arcy and LUMA collections span the gamut of cultures, faiths, and media from 308 Neolithic idols to a color lithograph by Marc Chagall and a print series by Stephen Prina.

Gifts are accepted in accordance with the collecting parameters, priorities, and procedures outlined in the Museum’s acquisition policy



Past Gifts

2010  /  2009  /  2008  /  2007  /  2006  /  2005


Gift of Patricia Brett Erens
14 Chinese Locks & Keys, 19th and 20th centuries
The Martin D’Arcy Collection, 2010-01



Gift of Larry and Barbara Olin
Book Stand, 1790
Carved and inlaid wood, shell
The Martin D’Arcy Collection, 2009-10

Gift of Ann Connors
Ocean of Knowledge, 2004
Andre Ferrella
LUMA Collection, 2009-09

Gift of James L. Govan
50 Crèches, 20th century
European, Asian, African, North and South American
Variety of media
LUMA Collection, 2009-07
The first tranche of the James and Emilia Govan Crèche Collection which is being presented to LUMA over a five-year period.

Gift of Rose and Matt Lamb and Sheila Lamb Gabler
Untitled, ca. 1980
Matt Lamb
Oil on canvas
LUMA Collection, 2009-06

Gift of Sarite Sanders
Pharoah Amenesse, n.d.
Sarite Sanders
LUMA Collection, 2009-05

Gift of the Artist, Jessica Gondek
Sagrada Familia Portfolio, 2008
Jessica Gondek
Etching on paper
LUMA Collection, 2009-04



Gift of Sidley Austin LLP
Stations of the Cross, 1988-1993
Stephen Prina
Lithograph with engraving
LUMA Collection, 2008-02

Gift of Larry A. Schmidt and Lynn Janes Schmidt 
St. Michael Slaying the Dragon, 16th century
The Martin D’Arcy Collection, 2008-01
Given in memory of Eric Schmidt



Gift of Thomas and Francine Synder
June Moon, 1963
Allen D’Arcangelo
Print on Paper
LUMA Collection, 2007-07

Gift of Harlan J. and Pamela Berk
244 Neolithic Idols, 6500-3500 BCE
Vinca, Kiliya, and Thessalonian
LUMA Collection, 2007-05

Gift of David Lee Csicsko
St. Adalbert, 1998
The Green Angel, 1993
Dusty Pink Angel, 1993 
Blue Angel, 1993
Raised Capital Letter, 1993 
Blue Madonna, 1993
Green and Dusty Rose Madonna, 1993
Rose Angel, 1993
Angel Over the City, 1993
Saint Michael the Archangel Protecting the City, 1993

David Lee Csicsko
Digital print on paper
LUMA Collection, 2007-03

Gift of Thomas and Francine Snyder
Blues on Green, 1971 
Adolph Gottlieb
Screen print
LUMA Collection, 2007-02

Gift of Mary Jane Jacob, Russell Lewis and Clayton Lewis
Job in Despair, ca. 1958
Marc Chagall
LUMA Collection, 2007-01



Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron R. Berk
64 Neolithic Idols, 6500-3500 BCE
Vinca, Kiliya, and Thessalonian
LUMA Collection, 2006-06

Gift of Molly J. Schiff
Immortal Exodus Redone, 2006 
Molly J. Schiff
LUMA Collection, 2006-05 

Gift of Anthony and Mary Rudis
Icon of the Madonna and Child, late 19th century 
Icon of Christ, late 19th century
The Martin D’Arcy Collection, 2006-03

Gift of Patricia Brett Erens
Keys, 1st century BCE – 20th century CE
European, Asian, and African
The Martin D’Arcy Collection, 2006-01



Gift of Fr. John Costello, S.J.
Madonna and Child with Ss. Francis Xavier, Ignatius Loyola, Peter Faber, and Aloysius Gonzaga, 17th century
Oil on canvas
The Martin D’Arcy Collection, 2005-07