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Paint Pack of 4

Members: $12.60 / Non-Members: $14.00


Product Description:

Glob paints are made from fruits, veggies, and herbs with natural ingredients and organic extracts. Enjoy fruity aromas while you paint!


4 paint packets. Colors: Lemon Verbena, Berry, Pomegranate, and Basil. 1 bamboo brush (cruelty-free)

Similar to watercolor or fingerpaint depending upon how much water is used.

Paint on paper, unfinished wood, collages and also homemade play-dough.

Do-it-yourself instructions included.



1 part pigment - 1 part water. Wet paint with lids can be saved for several weeks.

Each packet makes 2 oz. of paint. For multiple uses. A little goes a long way.


Ingredients: Gum arabic, corn starch, natural colors (one or more of the following: fruit, vegetable, flower, and herb pigments), and organic extracts. May also contain food and skin safe potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate to prevent molding.