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Adalyn Natural Stone and Copper Earrings

Members: $20.69 Non-Members: $22.99

Product Description:

Natural Stone & Copper Earrings. Handmade by women who are beginning a new life at Starfish Project.

"My family was very poor.  Without enough money to attend high school, my mom and older sister arranged a job for me in the city.  Once I arrived, I realized that I had been tricked.  At 17, I had been sold by my family into a life of exploitation.  In that place, my body and heart experienced a lot of hurt, but I could not leave because my boss threatened to kill me.  About a year later, I heard of a woman who worked for Starfish Project and I asked her if I could work there.  I was hired immediately and began a new life at Starfish.  I now work on the management team.  Through counseling classes, I have realized that I am lovable and capable.  I now have hope for my life and I am taking counseling training classes so that I can help other women realize their worth."


The Starfish Project

Eight years ago, a group of friends, compelled by a deep desire to help sexually-exploited women, established the Starfish Project.  Women who have been physically, emotionally, and sexually abused and see no way out of their situation are given jobs making jewelry. 

They also receive housing, counseling, education, vocational training, and health care.  Over time, the women are encouraged to take on greater roles in the organization's leadership and to realize its vision to love and serve those who have been exploited.