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Ephemeral to Eternal

June 11– September 10, 2016

Ephemeral to Eternal: Maine East and Maine West High Schools

Maine East and West High Schools are honored to exhibit student work at the Loyola University Museum of Art's Push Pin Gallery. This show displays work from Art 1, and levels 1-3 of Design & Materials, a class where students learn how to design and experiment with a variety of art-making materials.

In this project, students explored the relationship between temporary and permanent imagery. In the age of Snapchat and disposable digital imagery, museum practice involves conservation and preservation, which was analyzed to explore how art relates to memory and the eternal. To create these images, students first selected a photograph from their cell phones and then painted on top of the photographs to enrich or change the image's meaning and/or appearance.

Thank you, Mr. Ed Eubank, Fine Arts Department Chair at Maine East High School and Mr. Pat Barnett, Fine Arts Department Chair at Maine West High School. Your support has made for an extraordinary opportunity for students to experiment in a contemporary art-making project and display their artwork at a brilliant museum in our beautiful city.

Joshua N. Hoering

Visual Arts Educator

Image: Youth, Abby Mendoza, Senior at Maine West High School