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"The MLC has helped me to branch out and discover new things on campus because I know that when I come back to the floor at the end of the day, it will feel like home." —Melinda, Multicultural LC

The Multicultural Learning Community is home to students who share a passion for exploring issues of diversity and social justice, developing a deeper appreciation for others, and becoming agents of social change. As a member of the community, you will explore your own identity and confront the realities of power, privilege, and oppression.
Staff Partner 
Naseeb Bhangal, Program Coordinator - Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs
Academic Advisor
Talaya LeGette
Activities and Programs 
Take trips to various cultural museums and events, such as:
Holocaust Museum, DuSable Museum of African American History, Art Institute of Chicago, theatre productions
Discuss your experiences and the experiences of others with diverse students, faculty, and staff to build a deeper cultural understanding and inspire action to create a more just community on campus and beyond.
Required Courses Fall 2017 (2 courses)
UNIV101 Section 55 or 61
UCWR 110 Writing Responsibly - Section 31 - Class 1922
MWF 12:35PM-1:25PM (Dr. Melissa Bradshaw)
UCWR 110 Writing Responsibly - Section 18 - Class 1909
MWF 10:25AM-11:15AM (Dr. Melissa Bradshaw)
Required Course Spring 2018 


Spring Learning Community courses will be announced before spring registration.

Course Descriptions

UCWR110 instructs students in the conventions of academic writing. Students will develop flexible strategies for generating, revising, and editing their writing. Students will receive instruction in how to write clear, error free prose; learning responsibility to their readers, to their sources, and to themselves as writers. This class will explore cultural identities through writing. CORE Writing Seminar