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Peer Advisory Groups meet to discuss family business subjects of mutual interest. Moderated by professional facilitators from the center, these confidential forums provide a committed group of peers with the goal of shared growth as owners.

Peer groups are made up of 8-10 people. You will be assigned to a group based on your lifestage and your role within your business and/or family. Groups are responsible for defining their own learning goals and purpose. They meet an average of 6 times each year for approximately 4-6 hours. Dates, times, and locations are ageed upon by the group. As a rule, family members and competitors are never grouped together.

Upon joining a group, you will be asked to make a minimum two-year committment. Beyond this, you will be expected to participate in the co-creation of content (topics, ideas, concepts, etc.); remain open, honest and willing to share; and hold yourself and others accoutable to the group’s agreed upon meeting schedule.

Each peer group is moderated by a professionaly trained and certified facilitator. Your facilitator’s primary role is to lead group meetings and hold you and your fellow peers accountable to each other. Your facilitator is also responsible for securing guest speakers, coordinating meeting logistics, and administering the group’s annual assessment survey. Lastly, you will meet one-on-one with your facilitor twice a year to dicuss your group experience.

The Family Business Center oversees your facilitator as they serve your group; provides resources to your group such as reading materials, subject matter expert referrals, and best processes; compensates and offers continuing education to your facilitator; and offers administrative and structural support as needed.

Download a snapshot of our peer group program. Click here.

Anne Smart, Director
312.915.7738 · asmart@luc.edu