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Workshops by Request

PLEASE NOTE: SLD is no longer able to facilitate Workshops by Request for the Fall Semester of 2017 due to time restraints. We would be happy to work with groups requesting workshops for the spring semester of 2018.

The Student Leadership Development staff is available to serve as a resource for student organizations, departments, residence hall communities, and other groups planning events or programs related to leadership. Upon request, staff members are also equipped to facilitate a number of specialized workshops. Workshops typically consist of an experiential activity and a discussion tailored to fit the group's needs. Sessions typically range anywhere between 30–90 minutes, depending on a group's request. The following are popular options for workshop topics, however, staff are open to discussing additional topic ideas as well:

  • What's Your Leadership Style
  • Effective Communication in Groups
  • Facilitating Effective Meetings
  • Leadership 101
  • Leadership and Social Justice
  • Team Building
  • Time Management
  • Strengths Quest

Please see below for more detailed descriptions of these topics. If you would like to discuss a potential workshop for your group, please complete this form. Please note that the form starts a conversation about the requested program, and that we ask for at least 2 weeks' notice prior to the date of the requested event, for planning purposes. Our ability to facilitate workshops in the summer and during breaks may be limited due to staffing; contacting us with plenty of planning time can be especially helpful during these times of year.


Leadership is not “one size fits all” and we must adapt your style to fit the situation and/or collaborations within a specific group. Through this workshop you will learn about your personal style of leadership and how to use it effectively.

The best leaders are also effective communicators. This workshop will teach you how to motivate and inspire others through clear communication. You will learn how to articulate your values, clarify your goals, and openly listen to those receiving your message.

There are a number of different leadership style frameworks that you can use and this workshop will provide you an overview of various leadership approaches you can use to shape your approach to a particular situation.

This workshop is intended to help participants critically think through the meaning and nature of leadership for social justice by understanding the multiple factors that can influence leadership.

Conflict exists and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. This workshop will teach participants how to resolve conflicts effectively so that it can lead to personal growth, increased understanding, and more group cohesion.

Leading a team of your peers is often complex and challenging. This workshop will help you learn how to establish a positive environment for all members to participate as well as how to use active listening skills to empower your peers.

Learn how to lead team building activities, turn groups into teams, and learn to empower team members by sharing leadership within the group.

Strengths Quest can help you develop into a better leader by helping you become more aware of your unique talents, how to best utilize them, and also how to utilize the talents of others.

This workshop will teach participants how to speak for and take action on their own behalf in order to make decisions and influence situations that effect their own lives thereby empowering them set their own goals and create their own plans to reach those individualized goals.