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Student Journals And Publications

Students who work on the six Loyola student journals receive training in editing skills and gain experience in the analysis of legal problems and the logical and concise presentation of legal issues.

Loyola Law Journal is a quarterly student-edited publication, which presents works by distinguished scholars within the legal profession, as well as notes and case comments written by students. 

The International Law Review addresses various issues of international scope, and produces a symposium issue each year based on an international conference organized by the ILR editors. Outstanding scholars and political figures from all over the world participate in these conferences, and provide articles for the symposium issue.

The Loyola Consumer Law Review is the only publication of its kind in the nation. Focusing on current developments in consumer law, the Review covers such issues as advertising, financing, debt collection, product safety, professional services, insurance, and consumer credit.

The Annals of Health Law focuses on the practical analysis of major trends in health law both in the United States and abroad; it is peer-reviewed in cooperation with the National Health Lawyers Association.

The Children’s Legal Rights Journal, edited in conjunction with the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law, provides practitioners in law and related fields with the practical resources they need to be informed advocates for their child clients.

The Public Interest Law Reporter, a forum for sharing ideas and news in public interest law, serves as a catalyst for further discussion, research and action.

Student Publications
Comparative Law Seminar Student Publications

Tanzania (2006)

  • Mark J. Calabuas, Cristina M. Drost, Edward R. Fluet, Legal Pluralism and Women ‘s Rights: A Study in Postcolonial Tanzania, 16 Colum. J. Gender & L. 471 (2007)

India (2007)

  • Kristi Lemoine & John Tanagho, Gender Discrimination Fuels Sex-Selective Abortion: The Impact of the Indian Supreme Court on the Implementation and Enforcement of the PNDT Act, U. Miami Int’l Comp. L. Rev. 2003 (2007)
  • Amy Hornbeck, Bethany Johnson, Michelle LaGrotta, Kellie Seilman, The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act: Solution or Mere Paper Tiger, 4 Loy. U. Chi. Inte’l L. Rev. 273 (2007)
  • Melissa Cashdollar, Joy Park, Anthony Plaid, and Alison L. Stankus, Advocating for a Shift in Perspective: As Assessment of the Indian Juvenile Justice System Utilizing the UN Measure of Juvenile Justice Indicators, 27 Child. Legal Rts. J. 1 (2007)

Thailand (2008)

  • Joy Park, John Tanagho, Mary E. Weicher Gaudette, A Global Crisis Writ Large: The Effects of Being “Stateless in Thailand: on Hill-Tribe Children, 10 San Diego Int’l L. J. 495 (2009)
  • Leslee Nelson, Maggie Honrath, Laura Lacci, and Kelley Menzano, Corporal Punishment of Children in Thailand: An International Illustration on the Challenges of Confronting the Final Frontier, 29 Child. Legal Rts. J. 9 (2009)

South Africa (2009)

  • Cerise Fritch, Elissa Johnson, Aurelja Juska, The Plight of Zimbabwean Unaccompanied Refugee Minors in South Afria: A Callfor Comprehensive Legislative Action, (submitted October, 2009)