Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Student And Alumni Scholarship

Student Scholarship
The School of Law encourages its outstanding students to pursue their own scholarship while in law school through intensive writing classes, directed research, independent study and co-authorships with faculty and other students. For example, students who have participated in the law school’s experiential learning seminars in developing countries have regularly published the results of their research in law review articles. Moreover, one of the School of Law’s most recent graduates authored or co-authored no less than six law review articles while a student at the school. In addition, the School of Law sponsors six traditional law journals and the newly created Child Law and Education Institute Forum, all of which provide a platform for students to publish or edit transformative scholarship.

Justin McDevitt - Loyola student Justin McDevitt has won the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers Writing Competition.


Alumni Scholarship
The School of Law’s alumni include the nation’s most prominent attorneys, judges, public officials, and policy makers. Many have published transformative scholarship in their role as law professors or leaders in the profession.

Aida Alaka