Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Faculty Scholarship

The law school faculty is composed of dedicated and effective teachers, as well as productive scholars. The faculty’s scholarship is published in books, book chapters, top law reviews, book reviews, and other publications. Moreover, the faculty’s scholarship includes national and international law reform initiatives.

In the past few years, faculty members have published articles in the law reviews of Columbia University, University of Chicago, Stanford University, University of Michigan, Cornell University, the University of Minnesota, Georgetown University, Fordham University, William and Mary University, George Washington University, and Indiana University. Their books have been published by the Oxford University Press, Columbia University Press, Yale University Press, New York University Press, and Cambridge University Press.

Faculty members contribute actively to national and international scholarly discourse. They are regularly cited by other scholars in their fields, by the U.S. Supreme Court, and by federal and state appellate courts and trial courts.

The faculty also has been actively engaged in developing an intellectually stimulating environment at the law school. The School of Law conducts faculty workshops, where outside scholars interact with Loyola faculty. Some of the speakers are established scholars, while other are young scholars who are part of an exchange between our law school and theirs. The School of Law is also home to a works-in-progress series for our own faculty, affectionately dubbed “Half-Baked Ideas,” where faculty can share current thoughts and queries about their research projects and invite input from their colleagues. The School of Law has also created Legal Research Paper Series through SSRN and published a newsletter entitled Faculty Achievements, which informs our faculty about what their colleagues have been doing. The newsletter includes publications, conferences, papers and presentations, as well as honors, grants, press and media appearances, top ten listings on SSRN, miscellaneous achievements, and citations to scholarship during the prior six-month period.

Fall 2017 Faculty News and Achievement