Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Loyola Pipeline Project

What's wrong: The legal profession is experiencing a diversity crisis. The progress on combating the problem has been deemed "frustratingly slow" and "slowing" by the American Bar Association. Currently in the United States, African Americans represent 12.3% of the population, but only 3% of attorneys.

Our goal: Loyola Pipeline Project is aimed at providing minority students with exposure to the law while setting them on the path to gaining the qualifications required for a successful law school applicant.

What we do: We help at-risk minority high school students at Harlan Academy get into college. As a result of working with law students, the high school students involved in the project will inevitably be more likely to consider pursuing a career in law.

Law student volunteers help in three ways. Mentors will be assigned to a high school senior to assist the student through the college application process. ACT seminar teachers will teach students useful tips and methods for taking the ACT. Writing seminar teachers will teach high school seniors how to write an effective personal statement for college applications.