Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Business Law Society

Faculty Advisors: Shelley L. Dunck and Mary Hanisch

2017-2018 Business Law Society Executive Board:
Co-Presidents: John Munyon – jmunyon@luc.edu & Tasha Serafin – nserafin@luc.edu
Vice President: Ben Poor – bpoor@luc.edu
Director of Programming- Tax: Basile Manikas – bmanikas@luc.edu
Director of Programming- Corporate: Sara Molnar – smolnar@luc.edu
Director of Programming- Securities: Morgan Schulhof – mschulhof@luc.edu

The Business Law Society (BLS) brings together those Loyola law students who share a common interest in business law. Our goal is to provide law students the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in areas of business law, to meet other students with similar interests, and to gain insight from practicing lawyers in all areas of business law.

Here are some past events and programs the BLS sponsored:

  • Mentorship Program - including mentorship breakfast sponsored by a major
    law firm
  • Chicago Board of Trade Visit
  • Panel Discussion with New Associates
  • Meet and Greet with the Tax Law Professors
  • Meet and Greet with the Business Organization Professors
  • Symposium on Being General Counsel
  • Curricular Planning
  • Informational session regarding the Tax Certificate Program and the LLM Program
  • Social Gatherings