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Loyola Mock Trial Teams

‌Philip H. Corboy Fellowship Program in Trial Advocacy

‌‌Loyola graduates are among the most effective trial lawyers in Chicago and in the nation. Many graduates attribute their success to Loyola's highly regarded trial advocacy program, which offers intensive coursework and opportunities to compete in national level mock trial competitions, while also encouraging students to gain real world experience through externships and clinic work. Loyola was a pioneer in adapting the widely-recognized methodologies of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA) for use in training law students in trial litigation skills. Loyola now serves as the site for the Midwest regional trial skills program for NITA.  

Trial Advocacy Courses

2017–18 Mock Trial Board

The front row from left to right is David DeSchepper and Anais Holland-Rudd.  The back row from left to right is Katherine Bennet and Samuel Crowley. 

Loyola Mock Trial Teams

Loyola takes great pride in training our students to be effective trial attorneys. Participation on one of our four mock trial teams is one of the many opportunities Loyola provides as a means for students to hone litigation skills. Loyola is fortunate to have many dedicated alumni who serve as coaches for these teams. Thanks to the hard work of our students and coaches, Loyola’s mock trial teams have enjoyed an impressive record of success.

The teams are chosen each spring by a panel of distinguished trial lawyers during an intensive two-day selection process. Approximately 100 students try out for positions in our mock trial program, and those who are selected receive intensive training in opening and closing statements, witness examination, case theory, and evidence. This training is administered as a semester-long curriculum in trial advocacy as well as a mock trial boot camp in addition to regular practices with coaches during the academic year. Students on each team also receive academic credit for their work.

Loyola's Corboy Fellows

The Philip H. Corboy Fellowship Program in Trial Advocacy provides intensive training in trial advocacy to the ten students who are chosen annually as Corboy Fellows. The Fellows compete in national mock trial competitions each semester. Both first- and second-year students are eligible to compete for the Fellowships, which carry a financial stipend for each semester of student participation as well as academic credit.

The head coach and Program Director is Amy Thompson, Assistant Public Defender with the Office of the Cook County Public Defender. 

Loyola's Civil Law Mock Trial Team

The Civil Law Mock trial team selects 6 students to be apart of the team and compete each spring in one of many prestigious civil law mock trial competitions around the country.

Loyola's Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Team

The Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Team selects four members of BLSA to compete in BLSA’s Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competition in the regional Midwestern competition with the goal of advancing to the National competition each year.

Loyola's Criminal Law Mock Trial Team

The Criminal Law Mock Trial team selects four students to compete in the fall at one of the prestigious criminal law mock trial competitions around the country.