Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Advocacy Competition Team Coaches

Our student competition coaches are at the heart of Center. They are a dedicated group of professionals who work countless hours to build a foundation of excellence in advocacy for our students. The role of a coach is multi-faceted. They are educators, leaders, mentors, and often future employers of our students. Our mock trial, moot court, mediation, arbitration, negotiation, and client counseling coaches are accomplished and expert advocates in the courtrooms and boardrooms across Chicago and Illinois. The coaches share with the students a wide and diverse range of experiences and backgrounds. Many of our coaches are loyal alumni who directly benefitted from the advocacy training they received from Loyola. All of the coaches are loyal to the mission and the students. Below is a list of our current coaches:

Mock Trial Coaches

Dennericka Brooks
Matt Chimienti
Patrick Chinnery
Justin DeLuca
Brian DeVilling
Chris Dionne
Michael Ditore
Thomas Donnelly
John Ellis
Kyle Flynn
Rebecca Gold
Jared Hasten
Katie Mackey
Al Maldonado
Brendan Moore
Anastasia Pavich
Gerry Peterson
Tom Power
Lorna Propes
Jen Ryder
Pete Salib
Giselle Sanitbanez-Bania
Patti Sudendorf
Martin Syvertsen
Amy Thompson
Mike Viglione
Katherine Welsh

Moot Court Coaches

Matt Adair
Sonia Antolec
Ian Barney
Theresa Berousek
Ellen Brace
Kelly Brown
Susie Bucaro
Megan Canty
Chance Cooper
Amy Delaney
Natalie Eschbach
Toby Eveland
Themis Frangos
Michelle Garvey
Scott Gilbert
Jimmy Gillingham
Bernie Henry
Gregg Killoren
Yangsu Kim
Jordan LaClair
Tom Luetkemeyer
Laura Lydigsen
Marron Mahoney
Ann Meckstroth
Elizabeth Nelson
Garrett Pape
Abigail Peluso
Anthony Plaid
Romeo Quinto
Ed Shin
Andrew Thomas
Katie Vannucci
Jim Weiler

Dispute Resolution Coaches

John Calhoun
Bill Davis
Alex Debski
Teresa Frisbie
John Liston
James Michel
Margaret Moses
Jen Woods
Ethan Zelizer