Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Student Competitions

Loyola University School of Law takes great pride in its variety of advocacy programs. As one of the premier law schools in Chicago, Loyola recognizes that the timeless skill of oral advocacy can be a lawyer's best tool. As evidence of the strong support of faculty, administration and alumni, Loyola law students boast a winning record in a wide variety of regional, national, and international advocacy competitions each year. Students compete in the areas of trial advocacy, appellate advocacy, international arbitration, client counseling, negotiation, and mediation. Loyola has an exceptional success record in all areas of advocacy.

These accomplishments would not be possible without our group of dedicated coaches.

All students who travel while competing on behalf of Loyola are required to read and abide by Loyola's travel policies. Questions regarding student competitions should be directed to Gina Gerardi, Assistant Director of Advocacy, ggerardi@luc.edu.

Students may only compete in competitions which are officially sanctioned and supported by Loyola. No student may compete in a competition that is not approved by the school, or where the school does not run the selection and training process. Students who wish to propose that we participate in a new competition should submit this proposal to Gina Gerardi at ggerardi@luc.edu. All proposals must be submitted by March 1st in order for the proposed competition to be considered for the following academic year.