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What New Books Await You at the Law Library?

What New Books Await You at the Law Library?

One of the great jobs we get to do at the Law Library is pick out new books for our students and faculty to read, enjoy, and expand their scholarship. We are always researching and appraising new resources so you, our patrons, are sure to have the best, most current sources on hand as you pursue your legal education and expand the legal profession. We have designed it so you can easily explore our new books online or in person.

For those who prefer to browse things from the comfort of their own computer, we have several great search options. If you have a Pinterest account, the quickest way to find new reads is to check out our Pinterest page and look over our monthly boards. Each pin can take you directly to the Library’s website where you can learn more about the title.  Or if you have a particular area of law that you are more interested in, you can browse through the New Books in the Law Library section of our Faculty LibGuide. You can also go directly to our catalog and click the “new book” search option. Just select the Law Library and the date range you prefer to see a comprehensive list.

If you prefer more traditional discovery methods, you can look over our new book cart on the third floor. We are constantly rotating in new books and showcasing some of the more popular additions. You can also see a selection of books highlighted on our digital monitors on all three floors. And remember: never hesitate to ask your friendly law librarian for great reading assistance!