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New Copier and Scanner on the 3rd Floor

New Copier and Scanner on the 3rd Floor

The Law Library is pleased to announce the arrival of a new and improved copier and scanner for our patrons.  The scanning process is now easier to understand and best of all, it’s still free! 

You can scan to your flash drive or to your Loyola email address in full color or black and white, and it will arrive in your inbox in seconds!  If you choose to make copies, each page costs $0.15.  Current Loyola students can use their student IDs to pay for copying.  To add money to your account, there are several options.  Visit the Campus Card’s page for more information on how to add Rambler Bucks to your account.  If you are not a current Loyola student, you can also use Rambler Bucks to make copies.  You just need to purchase a courtesy card at any one of the ValuePort stations around campus. 

Questions?  Ask any one of our knowledgeable staff to help with your copying and scanning needs.