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How do I find treatises on a given subject?

A treatise is a comprehensive publication on a topic, legal or otherwise. Pegasus, the online Loyola library catalogue, is the primary tool for locating treatises in print.  Try an "Advanced Search" using the subject matter and the word "treatise." This type of search may produce some useful results, but will not be totally satisfactory since the word "treatise" is no longer widely used as part of a title or subject heading.

Another approach would be to use an "Advanced Search" with the subject matter and the word "hornbook." West, a major publisher of American legal materials, publishes a Hornbook Series that provides useful introductory summaries of specified subjects. But, if you need more detailed treatment of a particular subject, the most direct method would be to check the list of Library of Congress Call Numbers included in the Law Library's web pages. Then, go to the shelves and browse in that area.  Note that call numbers for Illinois legal materials differ from those for general materials.

Treatises are also available in electronic format in both Westlaw and LexisNexis.  See each provider's directory for specific titles and database identifiers. 

Prepared  by Sherman Lewis