Loyola University Chicago

School of Law


Students complete a total of 24 credit hours for this degree which comprise 21 credit hours of course work and a 3 credit hour LLM thesis paper. Full time students complete 24 credit hours over one academic year and part-time students complete 24 credits over two academic years.  All students must complete 12 credits of required courses, listed below. The remaining 12 credits must be completed from a list of elective Business Law courses located here. Different courses will be offered each semester.

Required Courses

Business Organizations (4 credit hours)

This course gives brief treatment to agency and covers partnership as an alternative to the corporate form. Principal emphasis is on the law as it applies to the organization and functioning of corporations. The course focuses on structure and mechanics, capitalization, distributions, organic changes, and duties and liabilities of directors, officers, and controlling shareholders. The federal securities acts are introduced with particular attention to Rule 10b-5. Substantial attention is given to the special problems of the close corporation.

International Business Transactions (2 credit hours)

An introduction to the legal aspects of international business. The course emphasizes the legal problems associated with international trade in goods and foreign direct investment, and covers regulation at the private, national, and international levels, and also may include an extended treatment of international litigation problems and/or the role of the multinational enterprise in world business.

Business Planning (3 credit hours)

Business Planning is a problem oriented course in which students work together in teams of three.  There are 10 to 12 problems, covering fiduciary duty, valuing, capitalizing and organizing a corporation, drafting S/H agreements and buy/sell agreements, and selling the business.  Other problems deal w/ similar issues in regard to LLCs and partnerships.  Essentially, one problem is due each week.  The problems range from legal memos to planning memos to drafting articles of incorporation and by-laws to marking up forms to accomplish a specified purpose. Prerequisite: Business Organizations.

LLM Paper Business Law (Thesis Paper) (2 credit hours)

Each LL.M. student must write a paper of publishable quality. The paper, written under the guidance of a faculty advisor, should integrate a issues covered in the business law curriculum. It is expected that each LL.M. paper will make an important contribution to business law literature.