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Michael Kaufman

PHOTO: Charles Cherney“Loyola is an extraordinarily supportive learning community,” says law professor Michael Kaufman, who is also associate dean for academic affairs. “With deep roots in the Jesuit tradition ... our faculty and administration are committed to ensuring that each student succeeds.”

Michael Kaufman

Professor Michael Kaufman is the Dean and Professor of Law. He is the coauthor of a leading book on early childhood education, and has written numerous books and article on securities regulation and litigation, civil procedure, and jurisprudence.

What is your favorite thing about teaching law?
I love seeing the incredible joy in my students when they experience an a-ha moment! These moments actually happen often in my classes. They are the foundations for life-long learning and a rewarding professional career.

How do you feel about the opportunity to work with students in a blended learning model rather than a traditional law school class model?
Blended learning gives students the best of all worlds. They benefit from state of the art online technology that provides them with key legal concepts which they can learn at their own pace, and they also benefit from a dynamic, interactive classroom environment brimming with professional practice skills exercises, collaborative work on shared projects, and the development of meaningful professional relationships with each other and with caring and dedicated faculty.

How does your research inform or influence your teaching?
Based on my latest published research, which focuses on the ways in which all students learn, I have been able to incorporate educational best practices into all of my classes. The latest brain research tells us that students learn best when online instruction is used together with a law school classroom in which students are encouraged to practice their professional skills and to construct their own knowledge by developing meaningful relationships with their peers and their faculty.

What are the advantages of a legal education at Loyola?
Loyola is an extraordinarily supportive learning community. With deep roots in the Jesuit tradition of care for the whole person and service to others, our faculty and administration are committed to ensuring that each student succeeds.

Meet some of our exceptional faculty

Weekend JD program courses will be taught by members of Loyola’s full-time faculty, who are accomplished scholars and nationally recognized leaders in their fields.

Civil Procedure

Michael Kaufman

Dean and Professor of Law

“I love seeing the incredible joy in my students when they experience an a-ha moment.”


Nadia Sawicki

Professor of Law

“Our shared goal is to ensure that every Loyola student has the tools needed to succeed.”

Criminal Law

John Bronsteen

Professor of Law

“If you want to understand how well laws are working, you need to understand how they affect people.”

Contract Law

Lea K. Shepard

Associate Professor of Law

“To quote the late Coach John Wooden: ‘They ask me why I teach, and I reply, Where could I find more splendid company?’ ”