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JD/MBA Dual-Degree Program

In a growing global economy, the career paths of business and law professionals have become increasingly convergent. The role of an attorney in the day-to-day management of businesses has become vital, as the modern business professional needs immediate access to sound legal advice.

To succeed in the cross-section of these dynamic markets, a multi-faceted education is critical. A dual-degree program provides training that gives students the knowledge, skills and background they need to function in both law and business sectors.

Graduates from Loyola University Chicago's JD/MBA program can pursue careers in the legal and business professions, especially where those areas overlap. A dual degree is appropriate for students pursuing a career in banking, management, government regulations, consulting or corporate positions in legal, tax or accounting departments. There are endless opportunities for an individual with a dual degree in today's market.


The JD/MBA program allows focused, high-achieving students the chance to earn both degrees in a compressed time frame. Students engage in cross-disciplinary study, which gives them the tools to pursue careers in legal and business professions. Students in this program:

  • Acquire two degrees in four years rather than the five years it would take if degrees were pursued independently
  • Expand their network as a student in both the Quinlan School of Business and School of Law
  • Have the option to live and study two blocks from Chicago's Magnificent Mile in the Rev. Raymond C. Baumhart, S.J., Residence Hall and Terry Student Center
  • Enjoy the support of accomplished faculty members and a network of distinguished alumni throughout their professional careers

Degree Requirements

To complete the JD/MBA program, students must complete between 110-122 credits. Nine credit hours from each program may be transferred to the other and credit may be waived for undergraduate business administration course work. The JD and MBA degrees are awarded separately upon successful completion of the respective degree requirements.

In the MBA program, a student who has completed a minimum of two courses in a core area with a grade of B (or equivalent) or higher may be granted a course waiver if determined appropriate by the admission committee. A maximum of four core courses may be waived, and waivers are granted only for core courses.

To see a typical course sequence for the JD/MBA program and the elective classes that are available, please see Curriculum.


To be eligible for the dual-degree program, a student must apply to and be admitted to both the Quinlan School of Business and the School of Law independently.

Alternatively, law school students who have completed their first year of law studies may be granted admission to the MBA program upon submission of a completed application, official transcripts from all postsecondary schools, and a letter of good standing from the Law School.

More Information

To learn more about the JD/MBA dual-degree program, contact:

Quinlan School of Business
Phone: 312.915.6124

Professor Steven Ramirez
Director, Center for Business and Corporate Governance Law
Phone: 312.915.7837

School of Law Admission
Phone: 312.915.7170