Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

JD/MA in Political Science Dual-Degree Program

This dual-degree program offered by the School of Law and the Department of Political Science provides students with specialized policy training appropriate for careers in the public sector or for law practices involving administrative agencies or processes. The program allows students to combine the study of law with an exploration of the political context within which domestic and international legal systems operate.

The dual-degree program makes it possible to earn both MA and JD degrees simultaneously and in a much shorter time than if the two degrees were pursued independently.

Students admitted to the School of Law are automatically admitted to the JD/MA dual-degree program in political science. Law students interested in the dual-degree program should complete an application for admission to the Graduate School and include a copy of the letter of admission to the School of Law.

Students also should notify the law school admission office in writing of their intent to be considered for the dual JD/MA program. Admission documents required by the Graduate School will be forwarded by the law school upon receipt of the letter of intent to enroll in the dual-degree program. Upon admission to the JD/MA program, a letter of acceptance will be sent from the Graduate School.

Program Flyer (PDF)

For more information, contact:

School of Law
Dean Michael Kaufman
Phone: 312.915.7120

Department of Political Science
Peter J. Schraeder
Professor & Graduate Program Director
Phone: 773.508.3070 (office)