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Dual Degree Programs

JD and MJ Programs

JD Programs

If you are applying for a dual degree and you wish to have your law school transcripts and/or letters of recommendations forwarded to one of the master degree program departments above, you must complete this dual degree release form. If you are a matriculated/current student of the law school, please fill out and return this form to the Law School's Registrar Office. If you are an admitted/deposited student to the law school, please fill out and return this form to the Law School's Admission Office.

JD students in a dual degree program within another school of the University must contact the Law Registrar regarding planning and tuition policies, prior to the start of registration for each semester.

The School of Law offers JD students the opportunity to engage in cross-disciplinary study in three key fields: business, political science and social work. While the specific requirements for each dual degree differ, each program offers students the opportunity to acquire two degrees in less time than it would take if pursued independently.

Students interested in dual-degree programs must apply and be admitted to each of the two schools. Admission decisions are made independently by each school, except for the JD/MA program in political science.

Students who are accepted into a dual-degree program must comply with the rules and regulations established by the School of Law.

MJ Program

Students in the MJ program in Child and Family Law also have the opportunity to pursue graduate study in social work through a dual-degree program:

Dual Degree Information and Policy Manual