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Loyola’s Institute for Investor Protection is the grateful recipient of a cy pres distribution from In re China Medicine Securities Litigation.

Loyola's Institute for Investor Protection (“IIP”) is a non-partisan, independent academic center that promotes investor protection for the individual consumer and the public, and seeks to shape policy issues affecting investors. The goal of the IIP is to educate investors on the availability of the private remedies Congress and the judiciary envisioned would serve to deter disclosure violations.

Established with funds from a cy pres award from the class action settlement in Abrams v. Van Kampen Fund Inc., beginning in 2011, the IIP has hosted an annual conference each fall. Leading jurists, scholars, expert witnesses and litigators from across the country come together to explore topics that include the practical implications of consumer protection acts, strategies for pleading the critical element of securities fraud, the effective use of confidential witnesses, and alternatives to federal securities fraud actions. In addition to lively and engaging insights, each conference features a notable keynote speaker.

In 2012, Daniel Kahneman, psychologist and author of the best-selling book Thinking, Fast and Slow, delivered the keynote address at Loyola's second annual IIP Conference, "Behavioral Economics and Investor Protection”.  In 2013, Mark Whitacre, the whistleblower and subject of the best-selling book The Informant spoke at the IIP Conference entitled “Strategies for Investigating and Pleading Securities Fraud Claims”. In 2014, at the IIP conference entitled “The New Landscape of Securities Fraud Class Actions”, appellate advocate, experienced Supreme Court practitioner and current publisher of the SCOTUS blog, Tom Goldenstein, gave a luncheon address regarding the Supreme Court and Securities Fraud class action suits.  Most recently, at the IIP conference in 2015 entitled the “Twentieth Anniversary of the Private Securities Act: Taking Stock” best-selling author and journalist Bethany McLean gave a special presentation regarding insights into the saga of the mortgage giants.

Finally, the IIP has engaged in programming outside of the annual conference.  In February of 2013, the IIP, with its co sponsor, the Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies, hosted the National Mortgage Settlement Conference that featured presentations from the architects of the largest consumer protection settlement in American history, including State Attorneys General from throughout the country and Shaun Donovan, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. In his fascinating address, which is linked here, Secretary Donovan traces the abuses which led to the mortgage crisis, and documents the extremely effective efforts of state and federal agencies to provide relief for homeowners and to establish structures and standards to prevent such crises in the future. In March of 2013, the IIP hosted a program featuring Professor Steven Ramirez and author Bethany McLean entitled “Lawless Devils: Corruption, Politics and the Law”.