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Careers in Health Law

Health care is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. With ever-changing health care laws and regulations, there is and will continue to be a great need for attorneys and professionals who understand the complex structure governing the delivery of health care. The Beazley Institute is committed to providing career advising for all students interested in working in this field.

Careers in Health Law and Policy for Attorneys
The Health Law Career Guide provides an excellent overview of legal careers in the field. 

Each year the Beazley Institute sponsors at least one event on careers in health law. Additionally, many organizations and bar associations offer in-person and webinar programming on health law careers. Check the following organizations for more details:

Please also see the Health Law Career Guide above for additional organizations.

*See compliance section below.

Careers in Health Law and Policy for Health Care Professionals
Health care professionals studying health care law and policy are in a unique position to combine their industry expertise and experience and their legal knowledge to pursue many types of positions. Many health care professionals interested in law and policy seek careers in risk management, corporate compliance,* health care technology, quality assurance, consulting, litigation and mediation, and other opportunities. Professional associations are an excellent way to explore careers in these areas:

Health care professionals may also find the Health Law Career Guide to be useful to understanding legal and policy jobs in the industry.  In particular, the sections listing professional associations, suppliers and vendors, insurers and payers, and consulting firms provide excellent resources for job searches.

*See compliance section below.

Careers in Health Care Compliance
The ever-changing and increasing regulation of health care creates a growing need for compliance professionals. Compliance plays an especially vital role in health care delivery because of the number of regulations that health care entities face.  Compliance professionals ensure that entities follow all laws and regulations that apply to the entity’s existence and operations.  Both attorneys and health care professionals qualify for many compliance positions.

Many compliance positions require certification through the Compliance Certification Board (CCB) of the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA). Based on the strength of Loyola’s curriculum in health care compliance, the CCB has accredited Loyola University Chicago School of Law.  With this accreditation, Loyola JD, LLM, and MJ students who successfully complete at least 15 hours of health care compliance course work, on campus or online, are automatically eligible to sit for the CCB exams without having to fulfill professional work experience requirements.

For more information about careers in compliance and the CCB examinations, visit the HCCA website.  For more information about becoming eligible for a CCB examination, please click here.

Health Law Skills List for Attorneys

Loyola’s health law curriculum was designed around creating a defined skill set for each student earning a health law degree or certificate. The skill set encompasses substantive areas of knowledge as well as practical lawyering skills. JD and LLM students are encouraged use the Health Law Skills List to market their skill set.