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Meet MJ in Health Law Student April Nettleton

April Nettleton
MJ in Health Law, 2017 BS in Marketing, Illinois State University
Contract Specialist – Health Alliance Medical Plans

Why did you decide to pursue an online degree at Loyola University Chicago?
I have always wanted to pursue my Master’s Degree and work in the legal field.  After working in health care for the past 10 years, I found Loyola’s program was perfect for my career goals and the online program worked with my family schedule.

What have you enjoyed most about your time in this program?
I have enjoyed the program immensely and have learned so much from my professors and fellow classmates.  I really like the choice of classes offered as well as attending the education emersion weekends where you have a chance to meet and network with other classmates as well as professors.

What courses did you find most influenced your thinking about your current position or your future career goals?
The courses that most influenced my work at my current position and future career goals were Health Care Payment and Policy, Health Care Regulation and Policy, Health Care Contracts, and Legal Writing.

What tips do you have for current students that would help them get the most out of their experience?
I would tell current students to get involved.  Talk to your professors and fellow classmates, as everyone comes from different backgrounds and you can learn so much from each other.  Also go to the immersion weekends.  These weekends are great opportunities to network and make lifelong friends.

Describe your experience researching and writing your thesis.
My experience researching and writing my thesis was positive.  I recommend that students plan their electives and make sure to save those courses that require less work during your thesis class.  Taking a class and writing your thesis can be daunting, but if you plan accordingly your experience can be a positive one.  Also, do not be afraid to discuss questions, ideas, or concerns with your thesis advisor.  They are really there to help you and make the process easier.

Why did you choose to concentrate your studies in compliance?
I currently work in compliance.  I chose to concentrate my studies in compliance so that upon graduation I could take exams through the Compliance Certification Board and have that extra knowledge to pursue my career goals.

Are you planning to pursue (or continue) a career in compliance? If so, what about the field excites you?  
Yes, I plan to continue a career in compliance or a career that has a compliance related component.  I like the challenge of staying current with the ever changing laws and regulations that have to be followed.